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Beyond brainstorming, idea generation is a process that a person or an organization can use in order to find solutions. The theory is that the more ideas one can come up with -- which will be far more than will ever be used -- the more good solutions there will be. This process can be used by any type of organization for many types of decisions, even those that, at first glance, might not be well served by the process.

There are many proven idea generation techniques developed by several creative thinking experts over the years. You might have heard of some of these authors and their books:

The key rule in any idea generation effort is to suspend judgment until getting to the step where ideas are finally analyzed (which would be a separate meeting). I have found that a good way to remind team members to do this is to provide each with a squirt gun, and if anyone states any judgment on any idea, s/he is fair game to get blasted by others.

I can facilitate an idea generation session for your team, leading your group with exercises that will pull out ideas which might not otherwise come to mind. The session will answer the question “In What Ways Might We…?” and will be specific to your solution-finding needs.

Experience has shown me that four hours is the right amount of time for each session, and there can be multiple sessions. Experience has also shown me that it is very much fun!

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