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While at Fiore Companies as corporate communications director, I wrote, edited and designed an 8-page monthly newsletter for corporate office staff and employees who worked at the two hospitality properties that Fiore owned.

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Christine Dehlinger design Gray Rock logo

We were meeting, talking about changes to make in Heidel House Resort's fine dining venue, Grey Rock Mansion, to get out the message that it was not a restaurant only for special occasions. Hence, a shortened name was one change. When then-Food and Beverage Director Larry London described how he was visualizing the new place, he said "Well, it will still be kind of swanky, but lots of fun." And the tagline was born.

Trachte History Hall

When Trachte, Inc. owners Ron and Randy Trachte started thinking about retirement, they knew that they wanted to record the company's 100+-year legacy. They asked me to be part of their team, and I served as creative director and project manager. Kudos to Cindy Arbiture of Museum Professional Services, who designed the exhibit and coordinated the installation. We also worked with StoryFirst Media who created the video that serves as introduction to the exhibit.

Trachte History Hall 1

Trachte History Hall 2

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